[DAY 10] You did it. The awesomeness of you.


You made it! Day 10 is a day of reflection.

You have worked hard over the last 10 days to recognize your triggers, become aware of your needs, and communicate in ways that model respect and compassion.

I hope that you now understand that moving from chaos to cooperation is not only within your reach but that the most powerful tool available to you to influence your child's behavior - is your own.

Conscious parenting requires you to use your power with compassion and not force.

Be sure to acknowledge yourself with appreciation and validation for the steps you have taken to become more conscious.

And in this final exercise, I want you to think about the goals you have for your child.

What kind of person do you hope to raise?
What qualities do you want to imprint on your child's beliefs?

STEP 10:
Download and save the Goals for My Child worksheet and list the qualities you hope your child will internalize as part of his/her moral compass.

Right-click to download and save the Goals for My Child Worksheet to your computer.

Our Facebook group will remain open and active, so please continue to post and share your wins and challenges!

I want to leave you with one more audio class. This parenting Q&A is filled with great questions to talk through some actual parenting scenarios.

It'll give you one more boost of support and inspiration. Click here to listen to our final Q&A session.

Thank you for taking this journey with me, for staying open to the possibilities and for being part of the shift in consciousness.

You are making our world a better place, and I can't wait to hear how your family continues to grow.

Have a beautiful day!

Talk soon,