Day 1: Ready to say goodbye to the chaos? Let's take the first step!

Welcome to DAY 1 of our 10-Day Chaos to Cooperation Retreat.

I am so excited for you to get started!

The #1 goal of this retreat is to help you reduce chaos and overwhelm and increase cooperation in your home.

But first, we have to de-stress.

Before you begin each daily activity, take time for self-care, and get centered.

Listen to this guided stress-busting meditation created just for you by a dear friend of mine (it's great for kids too)!

Then complete today's personal discovery exercise.

I'd like you to journal about where you are right now and how you want to feel at the end of these ten days.

What is it like in your home right now? How is everyone feeling?

What do you want to experience with your kids? How would you like your days to flow?

Maybe you want to be more tolerant and patient, or less permissive.

Wherever you are on your conscious parenting journey - let's set some new goals.

Writing down your goals is one of the best ways to set them in motion. Goals should be meaningful to you and measurable so that you can track your progress, and most importantly - achievable.


DAY 1:
Let's begin with some personal investigation. I want you to choose ONE challenge to work on this week.

Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to address every complicated issue at once. Use the Worksheet to investigate your habits and the "emotional tone" of your home and set your goals.

Right-click to download and save the DAY 1 Worksheet to your computer.

It may be tempting to want or expect immediate change, but I don't want you to focus on your child's behaviors - yet.

Over the next ten days, you'll take small steps to:

  • shift your language, perceptions, and actions.
  • feel more confident and capable.
  • increase cooperation from your kids.

But, you'll need to "rinse and repeat" this process over and over until it becomes your "new pattern."

Sound good? Let's not waste another minute.

Relax, meditate, set a few goals for yourself, and then watch today's support session in the Facebook group and share your goals with us (you have to be logged into FB for this link to work)!

Be kind to yourself this week. Remember, it's about being conscious - not perfect!

See you tomorrow!

Talk soon,

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