You want to enjoy your kids.
You want to enjoy being a parent.

Somewhere along the line, those two goals got lost in the everyday grind, and enjoyment was replaced with anger, impatience and frustration. You need more than discipline tricks and time-out spots.

You need change.

I'm going to show you how to restore your influence, reclaim your peace, and create healthy, intimate relationships with your kids. So that finally - you can make requests that get HEARD.

You are the catalyst for change in your family, and I can help you discover the power you have inside yourself to transform your family!


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My path to child advocacy began as I was finding my way through a personal journey of healing and self-discovery - fully dedicated to a career in the arts, and my childless, unmarried ways.

Unexpectedly, life had other plans.

I never actually heard my biological clock start to tick - probably because my childhood left me lukewarm on the idea of parenting. But, after graduating with a bachelors in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, I was working in Los Angeles and writing a script about a similarly dysfunctional family when inspiration struck, and a mission was born (not my daughter - she came later).

TEACH THROUGH LOVE "Transforming the Emotional Abuse of Children" flashed on the screen of my mind in a moment of goose-bumpy insight and ignited my passion for promoting the ethical treatment of children. It was then that I set out to bring greater awareness to how we speak to each other.

My Intentions

I want to change the conversation around parenting and show parents how to use emotionally intelligent discipline to create the kind of relationship with their children that will nurture the development of compassion and empathy. TEACH through Love provides trauma-informed education and support for parents and teachers - raising the awareness of empathy and compassionate communication through media outreach, community building, and online trauma-sensitive parenting education and professional development.


Because I was a kid that no one understood. I had a tough time living in the world - fitting in, expressing myself, and understanding how to relate to others. I was confused by an environment of negativity, consumed by fear, and confused by social rules that seemed inconsistent and ever-changing. I was angry at feeling judged, blamed, and criticized, and I rebelled with the same harsh words that were modeled for me.

Honoring Sensitivity

Highly sensitive people represent about 20% of the population, and yet our behaviors and experience remain elusive and misunderstood by many. I am so sensitive that as a child I could intuitively sense the emotions of others to the point of becoming physically ill, but I could not always understand the subtle meanings behind language or communicate my thoughts and feelings in ways that made sense to others.

This caused a lot of pain and misunderstanding.

You know the children who are difficult to discipline and hard to understand? I want to help you understand those children, and support their development with strategies to strengthen your relationship and help them manage stress and build skills.

Children who challenge authority do not need more discipline, they need us to be consciously aware of their overwhelm and sensitive to the depth of their physical, mental, and emotional experience.  

There are no "bad kids" - there are only children who are experiencing sensory overload or having executive function troubles while feeling deeply misunderstood, disrespected, disconnected, and demoralized by the way we treat them.

I am a passionate advocate for improving the communication between children and adults because a healthy society is built upon stable family relationships. 

No matter what the "parenting experts" advise, there really is NO expert advice that replaces your intuition about what you and your children need to thrive.

I NEED YOU. Together, we can spread the word about this revolutionary path to conscious parenting and show others how to create intimate, influential relationships with children.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope that the information offered here will open you up to a new understanding of your role as a parent, caregiver, or educator, and provide you with the resources to create cooperative, meaningful relationships with children as you give them the skills they need to communicate and relate to the world in healthy ways.

If you are looking for new ways to connect with your children, students, or anyone in your life, I invite you to take a journey with me as we shift from fear to love. Click HERE to get started. 


Speaker - Child Advocate - Parent Educator


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