[DAY 4] Five steps to peaceful conflict resolution.

Welcome to DAY 4! Today, I want to talk about peace.

Now that you've learned the importance of reassessing your interpretations of behavior and taking control of your triggers, you're ready to start interacting in new ways.

I want to share with you a step-by-step path to peace.

Your language, attitude, and tone ALL affect your child's ability to meet your expectations. Learning to change the way you speak can take time and practice.

Sometimes, you won't know WHAT to say. It's okay to be silent. Being respectful is more important than saying the "right" thing.

Practicing mindfulness will allow your body to relax and your mind to open up to the words and creative solutions that already exist within you.

Download and save (print + hang up) my TEACH Tool.

This infographic outlines my five steps for peaceful conflict resolution and gives you conscious communication language examples for implementing each step.

The TEACH Tool - 5 steps to peaceful conflict resolution

Right-click to download and save the TEACH Tool Info-graphic to your computer. Save the file to your computer, open with your browser, click on it once to enlarge it to full-size, and then print.

Use these conversation starters as a guideline, but remember that development has its own unique timeline, and cooperation is a two-way street.

If you want your kids to learn to consider others, you must recognize that their ability to adapt and be flexible is still taking shape.

This 5-step process will give you a plan of action for addressing the root cause of negative behavior without being permissive.

TRY IT OUT and then share your experience with others in our Facebook post about DAY 4.

Have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow for DAY 5!

Talk soon,