[DAY 3] PODCAST: Fostering compassion with new tools.

Welcome to DAY 3!

How are you feeling? I'm so glad you're staying with it and taking time for yourself this week.

Today, I want to expand on the idea of reframing behavior and talk about what it looks like - in the moment.

I'm sure you started your parenting journey with the best of intentions to be caring and attentive to your children's needs.

Like most of us, you got waaaay more than you bargained for.

Parenting can be challenging.

The day-to-day can be one long, lonely, routine - and it's SO easy to lose touch with your caring and compassionate self when you're so busy surviving.

You're probably tired of the -

constant bickering.
being told, "No!"
cleaning up after everyone.

Who has time for investing in an emotional connection and building awareness when you're barely managing to hold it together?

Remember, it's not about being perfect.

This 30 min audio is all about:

  • controlling your triggers
  • reframing behaviors
  • restoring emotional connection

- so you can feel less stressed and more confident - knowing you're doing your best to raise kind, compassionate kids.


DAY 3:
Patty and I share our personal experiences and favorite tools for understanding behavior and fostering compassion in our children.

Use the Worksheet prompts to journal about today's topic as you listen to the podcast.

Right-click to download and save the DAY 3 Worksheet to your computer.

Sometimes, we get in the way of children's feelings of belonging and connection when we unconsciously demand or expect immediate compliance.

You might be wondering if it's too late (or too early) to implement these tools?

It doesn't matter if your child is 5 or 15. All kids (and humans) require the same kind of attention and respect for their feelings.

Of course, you can always modify these tools for connection and adapt them to match your child's age.

After listening to the podcast, watch today's support session about our talk, and share your ideas for fostering compassion in your kids in the comments.

I'd love to hear what you think and how it's been going for you!

Talk soon,

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