[DAY 3: INTERVIEW] Fostering compassion with new tools.

Welcome to DAY 3!

Today, I want to expand on this idea of reframing behavior.

STEP 3: Listen to this expert interview with Hand in Hand Parenting Founder, Patty Wipfler, as we share our personal experiences and favorite tools for fostering compassion in your children.

This 30 min audio podcast will give you ideas for controlling your triggers, reframing behaviors, and restoring emotional connection → to build cooperation.

I'm sure that you started this parenting journey with the best of intentions to be caring and attentive to the needs of your children.

Like most of us, you got waaaay more than you bargained for. Parenting can be hard.

Often, in our day-to-day routine, we lose touch with our caring and compassionate selves because we're so busy surviving the -

constant bickering.
chauffeuring of children.
cleaning up someone else's mess.

Who has time for investing in emotional connection and awareness when you're barely managing to hold it together?

For your children to care about things, they have to FEEL cared for. The best way to build cooperation is to find ways for your kids to feel as though they belong, and like they have something to contribute to the family.

We can interfere with these feelings of belonging and connection when we unconsciously direct and demand, expecting immediate compliance.

Is it too late... or too early to implement these tools?

It doesn't matter if your child is 3 or 13. All kids require the same kind of emotional connection and respect for their feelings to adapt their behavior.

These tools for connection can be modified to suit any age child.

After you listen to today's interview, come on over to the Facebook post about Patty's talk, and share your thoughts.

Talk soon,