[DAY 5] Using empathy to connect.

Today is DAY 5, and it's all about empathy.

Empathy is your first-aid for negativity. When you're calm, it's a no-brainer. Holding off on logic to allow kids to process their feelings can be more difficult when you're stressed, and your self-care is lacking.

Empathy is what kids need to mature, not what we should do to gain compliance.

What gets in your way of using empathy to connect and stay calm as your child processes their feelings?

In today's personal discovery exercise, I want you to investigate your unconscious fears.

Download and save the Judgment to Empathy worksheet below.

Follow the examples to investigate your own fears and reactions and re-write them into statements of empathy.

Right-click to download and save the Judgment to Empathy Worksheet to your computer.

When your tolerance is low, you may unconsciously use empathy to try and get what you want - compliance.

But empathy isn't a tool for control.
Empathy doesn't replace punishment.

Empathy nurtures the part of the brain that regulates impulse control, problem-solving, thoughtfulness, and consideration.

If you want to grow that part of the brain, you have to stimulate it - over and over. And then, be patient as your child's maturity unfolds.

I've got a special guest coming up next for you! Until then, come share your fears and judgments with us in the Facebook group.

Talk soon,