[DAY 8] What memories hold you back? It's time to let go.

What do you believe? That's what DAY 8 is about.

You have probably noticed that this journey is much more about YOUR growth than it is about your kid's behaviors.

As Dr. Shefali pointed out, our children shine the light on the darker parts of ourselves - those wounds that are asking to be noticed, healed, and let go.

As we wind down this retreat, I want you to think about the times when those feelings of helplessness come out, and you feel pushed to controlling your children in harsh ways.

You might know you have triggered emotional reactions, and you can recognize your reactivity - but then what?

Why can't you stop reacting?

Often times, it is those long-forgotten, painful experiences with our parents/caregivers that are influencing our behaviors and perceptions without our conscious control.

Download and save the Belief Shaping worksheet.

Follow the example to explore your past and uncover those early experiences which have shaped who you are and how you think.

Right-click to download and save the Belief Shaping Worksheet to your computer.

We all have fears and beliefs that get in the way. Join the conversation as we finish up our 10-Day Retreat.

You're doing great! See you tomorrow for DAY 9.

Talk soon,