[DAY 8] What holds you back from better communication with your kids? It's time to let it go.

Did yesterday's podcast get you thinking about your unconscious beliefs around perfection, discipline, or respect?

That's what DAY 8 is about - looking at the influences that have shaped how you see yourself and your kids.

You've probably noticed that this journey is as much about your growth as it is about your child's behaviors.

As Dr. Shefali pointed out, our children shine the light on the darker parts of ourselves - those wounds that are asking to be noticed, healed, and let go.

As we wind down this retreat, click here for our final healing meditation and then download the Day 8 Worksheet.

Remember to get centered and de-stress before you complete the daily activity.

Think about the times when those feelings of helplessness come out, and you feel pushed to control your children in harsh ways.

You might be aware of your emotional reactions and recognize your reactivity needs to shift - but then what do you do?

Why can't you stop reacting?

It's often those long-forgotten, painful early experiences with important people in our lives that influence us without our conscious awareness.

When we're stressed, we're more likely to rely on the unconscious, automatic behaviors that were hardwired in childhood.

But those relationship patterns may not have always been healthy or emotionally or physically safe.

And now, our children's behavior and their development depend on how they experience our relationship and what they think we believe about them.

STEP 8: Download and save the Day 8 Worksheet to explore your past and uncover the early experiences that have shaped your beliefs.

Discover the painful memories driving your decisions so you can set up new patterns of responding to your children.

Right-click to download and save the DAY 8 Worksheet to your computer.

We all have fears and beliefs that get in the way.

What stops you from believing you and your kids can experience less stress?

Join the conversation and share what beliefs hold you back in our daily discussion post.

You're doing great! Keep going!!

I'll see you tomorrow for DAY 9.

Talk soon,

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