[DAY 6] The most important (and misunderstood) tool you can use to connect with your child.

It's DAY 6, and we're halfway through our retreat! Can you believe it? It's exciting to see all the connections and sharing going on in the group chats.

Did you have a chance to listen to yesterday's audio lesson?

Today is about speaking with empathy. Empathy is your first-aid for negativity, and when you're calm - it's a no-brainer.

But when you're not... !

Holding off on logic, reasoning, and demanding to allow kids to process their feelings is more difficult when you're stressed.

And it's almost impossible when your self-care is lacking.

What gets in your way of using empathy to connect and stay calm as your children process their feelings?

In today's exercise, I want you to investigate your unconscious fears and think about what keeps you stuck.

If you're having trouble reframing behavior or changing your perspective, this exercise will help you understand why.


2 support sessions to choose from:

DAY 6:
Follow the examples to investigate the fears driving your reactivity and judgmental language. Then rewrite your words to be more conscious in your communication.

Right-click to download and save the DAY 6 Worksheet to your computer.

When your tolerance is low, you may unconsciously use empathy to try and get what you want - compliance.

But empathy isn't a tool for control.
Empathy doesn't replace punishment.

Empathy nurtures the part of the brain that regulates impulse control and strengthens problem-solving, thoughtfulness, and consideration.

If you want to grow that part of the brain, you have to stimulate it - over and over.

And then, be patient as your child's maturity unfolds with time.

I know it's challenging to have faith when the behavior in front of you seems unwarranted.

Breathe and stay present.

See you tomorrow for another guest podcast!

Until then, come on over to the group and watch one of our support sessions with Synthia and Sandra and share some of your fears and judgments.

Talk soon,

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