[DAY 9] Time to create a plan of action to increase cooperation in your home.

How do we make the long-term changes we really want?

If that's on your mind right now - you're right on track.

And if you've been following the comments in the support sessions, you might be wondering how to continue on the path as our daily dose of inspiration comes to a close.

DAY 9 is about helping you put a plan of mindful action into place - so you can create those changes you want.

You can't change old habits unless you replace them with something new.

Over the last week, you've:

  • taken steps to up-level your mindful routines with short meditations and reflective practices.
  • dug into your past to reveal the root of your reactionary behavior, feelings, and unmet needs.
  • reframed how you see your children and how you speak about behavior.
  • learned how to confront conflict and resolve it using conscious communication.

You've worked SO HARD!

I hope you recognize just how much effort that took!

Today, you want to make a plan to keep this momentum going after the retreat is over.

How can you add mindfulness into your daily routine?

The benefits are clear - but they won't be clear to you until you experience them first-hand.

And I don't want you to end our time together and forget all the amazing actions you took over the last week. You've come too far to go backward.


2 support sessions to choose from:

DAY 9: Use the sample plan to create your own two-week list of daily, mindful activities.

Right-click to download and save the DAY 9 Worksheet to your computer.

If meditation is not your cup-of-tea, there are many calming activities you can engage in (movement, exercise, knitting, mindful breathing, yoga, art).

Find whatever works to help you release stress and bring more peace and ease into your life.

The goal is to strengthen your nervous system by consistently accessing a state of regulation. Only then can you be emotionally present for your kids and feel like you can handle their unpredictable emotions.

When you're finished writing your plan, I'd love for you to share your ideas in the comments on the support sessions with Sandra and Synthia.

Keep breathing and practice slowing down. You're sooo close!

See you tomorrow for our final day.

Talk soon,

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