[DAY 9] Time to create a plan of action.

How do we change? DAY 9 is to help you put a plan of action into place.

You can't change old habits unless you replace them with something new.

Today, I want you to decide where and when you will add more mindfulness into your daily routine. The benefits are clear - but they won't be clear to you until you experience them first-hand.

Download and save the Mindfulness Plan Worksheet.

Use the example to create and set-up your own two-week plan of daily, mindful activities.

Right-click to download and save the Mindfulness Plan Worksheet to your computer.

If meditation is not your cup-of-tea, there are many creative activities you can engage in (exercise, sports, knitting, mindful breathing, yoga, art).

Find whatever works to help you release stress and bring more peace and ease into your life.

Meet your needs, so you can be there for your kids without feeling stressed, and I'd love it if you'd share your plan of action with our Facebook group.

See you tomorrow for our final day!

Talk soon,