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"Lori Petro has created a catalyst to ignite greater intimacy, consciousness and truth within families and in turn, change our world. TEACH through Love is a powerful model - a true gem for parents and educators everywhere."

- Annie Burnside, M.Ed., Author of Soul to Soul Parenting 

"When my daughter reached toddlerhood I knew I wanted to parent from a place of love, mutual respect and understanding. Having experienced something completely different as a child, I did not have the tools to parent in this way. Conflicts often ended with feelings of frustration, anger, guilt, and thwarted progress toward the end result I actually wanted. When I stumbled upon Lori's website, my heart sang with joy.  It was exactly what I was looking for. 

Working with Lori in person and through her membership program has been an absolute gift from God!  The monthly support calls are invaluable!  She has given me the tools to create a cooperative, respectful and connected relationship with my daughter.  Lori's passion for educating parents shines through in everything she does.  I am forever grateful to her for the results we experience in our home everyday.  We are all so much happier!"  

- Jen & Ed Miskiel, Pennsylvania

A few years ago I discovered TEACH through Love and embarked on a journey filled with hope and determination. Thanks to Lori and the TEACH model I have learned the tools I needed to shift my parenting from unconscious to conscious, from power-over to relationship-with.

As a teacher these tools have also allowed me to support this shift in others. In September 2012, I opened the first TEACH through Love inspired school. I can honestly say that my journey over the last 2 years has been transformative, powerful and nothing short of amazing. This is how we change the world! 

- Emily McCrea, Founder & Director, Downtown Community School, Arizona