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I am here to support parents, caregivers, counselors, childcare providers, teachers and anyone who chooses to embrace a philosophy respectful communication and peaceful parenting. Discover the motivation behind behavior while learning to create the long-lasting change you deserve.

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Workshops, Keynote Lectures and Group Sessions

Lori is a sought-after speaker, parent educator, and professional development trainer. She speaks at universities, conferences, and events all over the US and has presented for graduate students at Drexel University and residents at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC. She currently provides training and classes for staff and families in Los Angeles County for the Office of Education Foster Youth Services division. 

Growing up the oldest of three girls in a complicated family of half-siblings, step-parents and step-siblings, Lori experienced the pain of fractured family relationships from an early age, beginning with the divorce of her parents. She also learned at age 38 that along with having sensory processing challenges, she was on the Autism Spectrum (Aspergers). It was then that her mission to help parents understand their children became even more clear. 

Her childhood experience, insight, and sensitivity allow her to deeply connect with the stories of her audiences and leave them feeling empowered with tools to create peace in their homes and classrooms and the ability to help children develop the skills they need to reach their full potential and thrive.   

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"Our parents raved about Lori's classes." 
          - Helen Flores, Children's Bureau, California

Introductory Session 
A one-hour introduction to the philosophy of conscious communication and parenting. Key concepts are explained and the transformation process is highlighted so that parents can begin to re-evaluate and/or modify their perceptions, expectations and responses.

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Trauma-informed practices and social-emotional development need to be core elements taught in every school community. Dynamic, custom designed workshops, keynotes, professional development classes and seminars are available for parent groups, schools, therapists and organizations.

Professional Development & Group Sessions 

Trainings are dynamic, interactive and fun using the most current information about brain science, child development. Lori uses improvised role-plays and self-discovery activities along with concrete tools to help parents and educators develop respectful communication and increase cooperation as they learn to implement the philosophy behind conscious parenting and best practices in child development.

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