What's My Parenting Style?

Please answer TRUE or FALSE for each question and keep track of your numbered answers on a separate piece of paper. If you are not sure of an answer, choose the answer that seems to match your feelings the closest.

My Parenting Style Quiz - Part 1

    1. Children really have very little to be sad about.

    2. I think that anger is okay as long as it's under control.

    3. Children acting sad are usually just trying to get adults to feel sorry for them.

    4. A child's anger deserves a time-out.

    5. When my child is acting sad, he turns into a real brat.

    6. When my child is sad, I am expected to fix the world and make it perfect.

    7. I really have no time for sadness in my own life.

    8. Anger is a dangerous state.

    9. If you ignore a child's sadness it tends to go away and take care of itself.

    10. Anger usually means aggression.

    11. Children often act sad to get their way.

    12. I think sadness is okay as long as it's under control.

    13. Sadness is something one has to get over, ride out, not dwell on.

    14. I don't mind dealing with a child's sadness, so long as it doesn't last too long.

    15. I prefer a happy child to one that is overly emotional.

    16. When my child is sad, it's time to problem-solve.

    17. I help my children to get over sadness quickly so that they can move on to better things.

    18. I don't see a child's being sad as any kind of opportunity to teach the child much.

    19. I think that when kids are sad they have overemphasized the negative in life.

    20. When my child is acting angry, she turns into a real brat.

    21. I set limits on my child's anger.

    22. When my child acts sad, it's to get attention.

    23. Anger is an emotion worth exploring.

    24. A lot of a child's anger comes from the child's lack of understanding and immaturity.

    25. I try to change my child's angry moods into cheerful ones.

    26. You should express the anger you feel.

    27. When my child is sad, it's a chance to get close.

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