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Peaceful Solutions Q&A
Release Resistance & Build Cooperation 

Want to parent with peace, but not sure how?
Have questions about how to be a more conscious parent?
Did love and logic only take you so far and leave you thinking, NOW WHAT?

If you have ever felt ...

  • exhausted by behaviors that won't stop.

  • afraid of using empathy because it seems "soft."

  • triggered into anger by your child's emotional reactions.

  • frustrated by the lack of respect or cooperation you receive.

  • out of ideas for how to handle disrespect or aggression.


Join me for Support and TOOLS!

I will show you how to rid yourself of blame, shame, judgment and guilt AND how to remain composed and calm so you can set limits that help your children grow.

Find out what you really need to know to be a leader and stay connected to your kids!

In this 60 minute online Q&A session I will...

  • take your questions LIVE about your most challenging conflicts?
  • share the RULES of setting conscious limits and feeling CONFIDENT.
  • show you how why your kids resist your rules and disobey your requests.
  • let you in on what might be interrupting your child's ability to "follow directions" or "listen to you."
  • outline what it takes to rid yourself of punitive or unkind language

Peaceful solutions are possible, but ONLY if you are willing to grow as a parent.  

My upcoming breakthrough series, Peaceful Solutions for Parents & Kids is a 40 day plan to RESTORE PEACE and CALM in your home. It includes 8 weeks of video lessons and 3 months of live group support  starting August 31st.

This is where your toughest challenges are handled with compassion and you are empowered with concrete tools to meet them intuitively and respectfully!

But first, let's connect live and talk about what's going on in your family!

JOIN ME July 29th @2pm EDT/11am PDT

On this LIVE EVENT, I will share the first steps you need to take if you want to experience LONG-TERM CHANGE and stop arguing, nagging and begging kids to do what you've asked. 

Changing how you speak - changes everything!

Can't make it? NO worries. I've got you covered!
The event will be recorded and a replay link will be emailed to everyone who registers below!

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WEDNESDAY July 29th @2pm EDT/ 11am PDT

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I know what it is like to be running on empty, ready to explode and wishing everyone would just do as I asked. 

The reality is we're all just trying to meet our needs in the best ways we can. We want to feel heard and understood.

This race to nowhere can cause us daily stress and when BIG transitions like back-to-school or holidays or summer vacation are on the horizon - the unknown and all those to-do-lists can cause challenging behaviors to multiply exponentially.

You need more than just parenting advice.You need support! And that is what you will get when you sign-up for this Q&A and I open my doors and my heart - to you.

There IS a better way!

Grow with me >>
WHEN: July 29, 2015
TIME: @2pm EDT /11am PDT

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