Chaos to Cooperation Bonus Q&A

Topic times stamps included below to make it easier to find the challenges that speak to you. 

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Time Stamps:

05:45 - Children who talk a lot and/or have negative self-talk.
12:00 - Young kids who want to act like teens.
18:00 - Sensitive to criticism, can't calm down.
24:00 - Sibling conflicts, and "I hate him" talk.
28:30 - Kids who come home from school angry.
31:00 - Children who insist on being "right" or won't admit mistakes

33:45 - Mood swings, helping kids regulate strong emotions.
37:30 - "Bossy" children who argue with peers.
40:15 - Toddlers who don't listen to the word "No."
44:15 - Small children who play rough.
48:00 - Brain tips to make sense of behavior.

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