How to Set Limits Your Kids Will Respect! 

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a panic, thinking"my child needs to be disciplined," but all you can think to do is punish, threaten to punish, or scream demands?

A rush to control behavior. 
Jumping to conclusions.
Assuming the worst.
Fearing the future.

You know there is a better way but you can't seem to find the words to match your intentions. 

Conscious Communication shows you how to access your intuition, so you can be firm without being mean or permissive

Don't spend your life wishing for better behaved kids.

You CAN do something to influence your child's behavior right now.

Here's what I'll show you in this intro to conscious communication webinar:

  • why your kids don't listen (and what to do about it).
  • what to say if you're not arguing or punishing.
  • how to reframe how you view negative behavior.
  • a new way to make requests and seek cooperation.
  • how to turn rigid reactivity into emotional flexibility.

This new framework will create a closer connection with your kids and show you how to be more mindful, aware, and responsible for your words and actions - so your kids will be too

  • target the root cause of negative behavior.
  • change your patterns and shift out of reactivity.
  • model respectful communication.
  • become aware of your unconscious patterns.

If you're tired of power struggles and defiance - get ready to notice how your language, attitude, and tone can change everything.

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