Tired of trying to figure out WHY behavior keeps happening?

He did it on purpose. 

I don't know what she needs.

He's not dysregulated - 
he was perfectly calm.

She chose to disobey because
she didn't like my limit.

He knows the consequences
and he defied the rules anyway.

She looked at me,
said she understood,
and then did it anyway.

Why won't this behavior go away? Does this resonate with you?

If so - you are like many parents who get tripped up with behavior challenges by trying to address behavior with tools that make your kids less likely to listen.

I'm here to help you change ALL THAT! 

In this FREE Webinar we are going to get to the bottom of behavior - once and for all.

If your toddler screams or pouts when you say no...

If your preschooler throws a fit when he doesn't get his way... 

If your child repeats unacceptable behavior even after agreeing NOT TO... 

If your teenager seems unwilling or uncooperative...

Then, this is the class that will give you a new perspective and the tools to
get to the bottom of behavior

Behaviors are signals to us.

If you need help deciphering the signals and responding with compassion - don't miss this FREE PARENTING CLASS.

I'll show you how to: 

  • target behavior in one of three areas so you can address what's really going on with YOUR individual child (no-one-size fits all discipline here). 

  • regain control of your own brain-body system so you can respond without losing your cool

  • change behavior by removing these 3 habits from your conflicts. 

  • take the steps to confident, authentic action that restores peace and cooperation in your home. 

THIS is where the real action happens. 

ot in Facebook posts.
Not in blog posts.
Not in emails.

- but in the connections that we make when we gather online.

My online forum is FILLED with 
support and encouragement because when we gather to listen and share our stories - we have amazing epiphanies. I've had several this week alone!! 

Ready for change?

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