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The TEACH through Love Newsletter, Issue #1
February 09, 2009
Hello Friends,

It's been a powerful and busy time at the TEACH through Love home headquarters.

I've spent the last year-and-a-half chasing around a toddler (who quickly morphed into an adventuring, inquisitive little girl) while promoting the ideals of the new parenting paradigm in my local and world-wide-web communities and furiously writing content for the website.

It was definitely challenging and moved along at what felt like a snail's pace but ultimately it proved to be intensely rewarding.

I have been blessed with letters of support from total strangers and I want to thank everyone for their kind words and recognition of this important work.

My desire to protect the emotional well-being of children comes from a heartfelt and sincere commitment to show parents and caregivers that it is possible to teach a child the lessons of life without the screaming matches that are all-too-common in today's households.

So finally, here it is -

The TEACH through Love WINTER 2009 NEWSLETTER!

1. New and Improved Website!

    The website has been updated with more information and resources. It remains a work-in-progress but is gradually expanding to include articles on everything from discipline techniques to bullying, toddler parenting and sensitive kids and even a Mama Blog.

    Follow me as I walk-the-talk and journal my way through unconditional parenting. Read More >>

2. In Development

    PARENTING TV: We're sending Supernanny to her naughty mat for teaching such abominable parenting practices and conjuring up a newfangled version of DISCIPLINE TV: Look for this slightly irreverent, super-funny and definitely proactive parenting show premiering soon on a TV set near you!

    DOCUMENTARY STYLE: A journey through emotional and verbal child abuse as delivered via religious dogma masked as modern spirituality. Academy-award winning documentary producer Maria Florio of Earth Works Films is mentoring on this project.

3. Social Awareness

    U MATTER CAMPAIGN: Sent with LOVE from school children around the country, U MATTER cards feature inspirational and uplifting messages from the universe.

    Look for Matter from the Universe falling from a sky near you
    SPRING 2009.

Encourage others to MAKE the PROMISE to STOP CHILD ABUSE.

Just forward this e-mail.

Wishing you a fantastic adventure wherever you may be!

All the best,

Lori Petro

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Lori Petro
TEACH through Love
Transforming the Emotional Abuse of Children

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