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Lori, My husband and I just completed the Conscious Communication course and we just cannot thank you enough for the ways this course has affected our lives. We are seeing big changes. We had the instinct, the intention and the determination for conscious parenting but lacked the skills and tools required to actually make it happen until now. A million times, thank you.

                                             - Danielle Senini, Australia

Does this sound familiar?

  • I would really like to say something ONCE instead of 3 or 4 times!

  • It seems like my child has that special knack for unleashing my inner critic.

  • No matter what I say, nor how kindly I say it - my requests go unheard or it turns into an argument.

  • I believe I could learn more about myself and how I interact with my kids.

  • I worry that I might be causing exactly what I FEAR most and I need to change something fast!

  • Sometimes, I feel like I can be too reactive, demeaning, or harsh with my child.

  • I wish I could break the negative cycle of yelling, nagging and arguing and gain cooperation without feeling frustrated, exhausted or guilty.

You are NOT ALONE!

When I learned to shift my focus from what I was seeing, interpreting, and assuming... and started to re-train my brain to identify FOUR critical elements underlying every interaction - I was able to transform the way I spoke in those important relationships - not just with my child, but with everyone in my life.

Believe me, I am no perfect model of communication.  I grew up with undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome, a bit of emotional trauma and a super-sensitive temperament.

There is no perfection here.

But I am a conscious observer of life. And I like patterns - cause and effect.

And I'm going to show you exactly HOW to:

  1. become aware of your unconscious communication patterns
  2. notice how those patterns of cause-and-effect play out in your relationships 

I've got a framework for creating the kind of connection and consideration with your kids that you really want by discovering how to be more mindful, aware, and responsible for your words and actions - and I want to share it with YOU!

If you've ever...

  • felt like EMPATHY just wasn't enough to change things and you didn't know what was missing.
  • experienced difficulty understanding your children's behavior or looking behind the words they say.
  • had the feeling like you could be expressing your desires and needs in ways that would be more likely to be heard.
  • felt like you could be more emotionally present for your child but just didn't know how - or what to SAY.

Then you're going to love this LIVE Online Series.

When you sign-up for this course, you will have immediate access to your bonus materials which you can download and keep. You will also receive LIVE SUPPORT and PRACTICE in our weekly sessions and bi-monthly group support calls.

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WEEKLY LIVE MEETINGS: SEPT 22nd - OCT 6th,  MONDAYS @4pm EDT (recorded)


OCTOBER: MONDAYS 10/13 & 10/27 

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"I really feel like this is a miracle!! So many positive changes in our family thanks to you Lori!!!"

Jill K.  |  Colorado

"Lori Petro you are truly amazing! What a fabulous Q&A call. I feel a hundred times better and needed to hear every word you had to say. My heart thanks you for your compassion. I'm glad to be a part of this class and appreciate your work."

Lavanda L.  |  Texas

Each video lesson is approximately 60 minutes long and will guide through a series of exercises and homework activities that will show you how to fundamentally re-write the "scripts" for how you think about + speak to the people in your life.

The number one reason that most people revert back into unconscious habits of harsh or critical language is because they aren't able to maintain a network of support and team up with others who can provide an empathetic ear and some sage wisdom.

I'm not going to let that happen to you.

That is why in addition to your 6+ hours of content and LIVE weekly meetings, you will also receive bi-monthly support in our LIVE Group Q&A Calls where you can work out conflicts, ask questions and, find support among a dedicated group of current and past class participants. Recorded for your listening convenience.

Plus, if you sign up today, I'll extend your support through October 31!

Wait until you see the extra bonus calls that I have included in this program.

Every class participant becomes a member of our private Facebook Group - The TEACH Family Forum. You will have 24/7 access to supportive folks from all around the world - all on the same conscious journey as you!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Loved this class & I look forward to taking more of your classes."

Kirista B.  |  California


"Thanks for the gifts and your parenting knowledge. I see the difference in such a short time with my kids."           

                                                       Susan S.  |  Vancouver B.C.

In this Virtual Course: Conscious Communication, you are going to learn to THINK, SPEAK & ACT in conscious, compassionate ways.

In Week One... you are going to dig, deep, make some home MOVIES, and learn to shift your perspective so you can start to feel confident and empowered when speaking to your kids rather than frazzled, hoarse and out of patience!

Lesson One: Think

You will learn:

  • to shift your perspective so you can view behavior and conflict with a non-punitive lens
  • through self-discovery what gets in the way of YOUR natural desire to help + connect with your kids
  • how to interrupt the negative cycle of blame, shame, judgment and guilt with just ONE tool
  • to identify your biggest communication mistake and transform it into your greatest goal
  • 5 steps to sloooowing down, centering and staying emotionally present so you can respond to your kids rather than react

In Week Two...  you are going to lay a new foundation for interacting with a model for compassionate communication. You're going to take that behavioral lens you've been looking through, and give it a good scrub. This will leave you with those FOUR critical pieces of information you need to keep focused.

Lesson Two: Speak

You will learn:

  • what the heck a jackal and a giraffe have to do with parenting
  • a new framework for listening and expressing with confidence + compassion
  • how to encourage your child without creating a praise-junkie
  • what WILL create in your kids a natural, authentic desire for self-reflection
  • enhance your ability to express your desires in ways that others are more likely to understand

In Week Three... you are going to see how your nonverbal language adds to the relationship dynamic as we transform the ways in which we send communication signals to others and practice language for common challenges.

Lesson Three: Act

You will learn:

  • language + ideas for handling specific scenarios and common behaviors around Routines, Respect, Relationships, Regulation & Responsibilities
  • how to approach someone so that you are more likely to be responded to in the ways that you are hoping for
  • what skill you ALREADY possess that can nurture your child's brain and lay a solid foundation of emotional health
  • the first-aid you MUST apply before jumping into any conflict chaos

I will take you on a journey that will provide you with a map to END the cycle of arguments, nagging and
punishing and replace it with mutually respectful, cooperative communication.

I've tried other parenting programs, what makes yours so different?

There are programs out there filled with love and logical consequences or 1, 2, 3 tricks. Or, maybe you have tried to follow the Supernanny with the hit TV show of the same name. You may have been lulled into thinking that your child could be so easily swayed into obedience with a reliance on old-school behavior modification.

But, these approaches completely DENY the science behind the brain of a developing child, and give parents false hope and little recourse for the sensitive or temperamentally inflexible child who melts down under such behavioral control.

Giving parents advice and short-term solutions which rely on disconnecting from their kids - to produce very little in terms of long-term change - is bad for the overall health of families AND for the future of our nation. I'm going to give you a step-by-step guide for thinking and speaking in ways that BUILD your child's skill set and GROW his brain.

But Lori, kids MUST learn that there are consequences for their actions!  

Let me explain. I absolutely believe in teaching accountability and that kids need to be able to reflect on their behaviors so they can notice how they affect the whole and learn to make positive choices. But, the way you get to that reflection is in direct opposition with what the mainstream thinking suggests.

For example, on one popular parenting website it states that the "Naughty Step Technique for Discipline... can be applied between the ages of 2 and 6 years old."

The naughty step is an overly-judgmental way of saying: Time-Out.

Of special importance is that the ages she mentions (2-6 yrs) are the approximate ages when the brain is the MOST emotional and MOST explosive, and in MORE need of attention and support because of the primary focus of development being in the "Emotional Center" - the mid-brain.

Time-out ignores the required conditions for building self-regulation.

Healthy development requires the presence of attuned, and emotionally responsive caregivers. Isolation, the fear of being disconnected, or the stress of being unheard all interrupt this process.

The next step in the time-out/naughty step process is to "Give a warning - Walk away from the child, to give them a chance to think about what you have just said."

A child of this age is developmentally INCAPABLE of independently reflecting on his behavior - and certainly not able to reach that brain state while being forced or shamed into change.

But I believe kids need to be told why they were misbehaving?

Of course, kids need to be taught how to interact in positive ways, use healthy coping skills and be educated on community/family values, but they learn those things in the ways that traditional parenting advice ignores.

Supernanny advises that you "Take child silently to the step, sit them on it, and explain to them why they are now in time out.  If a child calls you from their time out ignore them."

Ignoring your child while they are in a state of stress (stress from being isolated, judged and therefore unable to cope because the neural connections to self-regulation are offline and still very immature) is a surefire way to create a pattern of negative feedback in which your child will react with the same level of intensity and stress to any future situations like this.

Then it is suggested that parents to return to their child and "explain for the second time why they were placed on The Naughty Step."

At this point, all the logic in the world would not help your child learn.  All your child wants now is to be free of this condemnation and back in your good graces so she can begin to feel better again. Your valuable lessons will be sure to fall on the deaf ears of a child who feels unheard, punished, threatened or disconnected.

How is my child going to learn socially acceptable behaviors if I don't insist on them - even gently?

Continuing with the previous example, it is advised that you "Tell them they need to apologize and say sorry for their behavior" - apparently so the child can "understand the importance in reflection, and that their actions have had an impact."

"Telling" your child will do NOTHING. At this point, you'll have to repair the relationship that has been eroded by the previous interactions to get anywhere. Apologies and reflection come naturally when in the presence of TWO very important things - and NEITHER one of them has anything to do with forcing your child to display a feeling she may not be in touch with.

Lastly, parents are told to encourage "Hugs and kisses after the apologies."

This is a confusing message for your child - one where you use your power and position to control behavior and then you use your emotions to deny responsibility and tell your child it was for their own good. I've seen Supernanny require parents to withhold affection until they get the required "apology."

I'll show you why this is damaging to your influence and how you can authentically connect with your child with language that will increase his natural motivation to express remorse, gratitude, and appreciation.

When your kids feel safe within the bounds of your limits INSTEAD of like they have to fight, rebel and flee against EVERY request - you will see change!

This new framework for communication will teach you to drop your assumptions, evaluations and criticisms of other people and in return it will FREE you from the repeated mistakes of your past.

A message from a past participant about this class! Listen >>

"Lori! I have enjoyed the classes so much. Yesterday I was triggered and caught myself and began to investigate...found the needs and instead of beating myself up for them... my heart broke open and sobbing commenced. I have some hardened ideas beginning to be softened. Thank you!"

Jana M.  |  Tennessee

"Hi Lori! I just want to let you know that this class is helping our family so much. I want you to know that I have read countless books and blogs, and talked to everyone around me for advice, but nothing compares to the perfect fit of this class for us. I am so happy to have concrete and practical methods to apply and real language that I trust to use! You are doing a most important job!!! Thank you!"

Yasmin & Billy S.  |  California

"I can't say enough about the practical advice you get from this seminar! Not only by what Lori teaches, and not only by the examples she offers, but the way she problem solves with the seminar participants and also, just the way she speaks and her demeanor during the seminar! I learned how to speak much calmer and clearer (perfect for kids!) by listening to her example! She also intently listens and strives to understand all the seminar participants- what an excellent example in empathy that was for me, as well. This seminar helped my parenting take a swift turn in the right direction. It's worth every penny." 

Soni A.  |  California

"Wow, the mp3s are really gifts that keep on giving. They are brilliant. I absorb the most while listening on my iPod during my runs. Yesterday really blew my mind. Understanding the science behind it makes me able to feel even more compassion for where children are. It is such a relief to find your work and this whole approach. I really resonate with it and deeply want to build a solid relationship of good communication with my daughter. I am ecstatic to find this now. Mahalo a nui loa."

Hina P.  |  New Zealand

"My wife and I highly benefited from Lori's TEACH program. We have been able to successfully discipline our daughter using non-traditional parenting methods. We recommend this course to every parent we know."

                                                                                               Todd & White S.  |  California

Now you might think, "It's not me that needs to change - it's my child that needs a lesson in speaking calmly and respectfully."

I know it is tempting to want to shift the responsibility of changing language and behavior onto your children alone. How else will they ever learn to be accountable for their actions?

But none of that is really true! I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Our behavior does not rely on what we know  as much as it relies on HOW we feel in a particular moment.

  • Are we safe?
  • Are my needs in danger of not being met?
  • Are you a reliable support?

Who do you think has the greater ability to shift the emotional climate of a situation? WE DO!

And I'm going to show you how to do that without resorting
to behavioral controls like punishment, blame, criticism or lectures.

If you're worried that this class will not give you the tools that you need to "make your kids do as you say -  exactly when you say it"  - then you're RIGHT!

I would never pretend to have tools that DO NOT EXIST.  What I am going to teach you is to think in a new way so that you secure your INFLUENCE - not your power and control.

It would be nice if we could just control our kids with a little love... and a take-away here and there, but the fact is that humans are not that easily controlled.

At least not humans like me.  When I was growing up, I was loved, given every opportunity and physically well-cared for - but I was also constantly punished for minor infractions, subjected to a system of top-down control where my feelings and ideas had little weight when it came to discussing whatever "rules" were in place, and there was a lot of lecturing and verbal criticism.

It wasn't intentional on my parents part, but it created MORE relationship [read: discipline] problems than they were aware of. I didn't become more respectful, empathetic, considerate or responsible. I grew to be angrier, more isolated, and increasingly resentful as I lost touch with my own feelings.

Your child relies so heavily on your approval - your opinion of him. Now, when you sign-up for this series you will be able to give yourself some SLACK as you give him your presence and guidance - free from judgments and assumptions about his behavior.

Valued at over $200 alone!

I'm going to give you every starter audio I can.

As I mentioned, one of the ways in which people fail to progress along a conscious path is because of a lack of community support.  I'm not going to let you down here because it is SO important for your peace of mind and the well-being of your children that you have what you need to build relationships on a foundation of trust and respect.

I'm giving you these BONUSES so you can connect with others who also want compassion to be the motivation for behavior - instead of guilt, shame, fear, or coercion. 


Ongoing support (until OCTOBER 31 2014)  

These sessions have helped hundreds of families create changes that last. On these 60-90 min Q&A calls, you will get to connect with me, and other families to ask questions, share stories and find support.  

This is really the place that people find their greatest strides. The group support and learning contained in these calls is worth more than the price of tuition alone.   Value $100

2. Raising Kindness: The ABC's of Conscious Relationships with Kids - MP3

This 90 min audio primer course will outline the 5 things you must have to build healthy authentic relationships with your kids.    Value $39

3. Fostering Compassion in Kids w/ Lori Petro & Patty Wipfler - MP3

This 60 min tele-class with myself and HandinHand Parenting founder, Patty Wipfler, is packed full of ideas for increasing the compassion, and therefore the cooperation in your home.       Value $39

4. TWO (2) Ask the Educator  Recorded Q&A Calls

To get you started on the process right away - you will receive two (2) past group Q&A calls.  We're all going through similar situations and listening to other parents share stories and work our solutions in our Ask the Educator Group Calls will get your started on the perspective shift it takes to start speaking consciously!     Value $100

These companion materials will support your efforts to parent
with integrity and presence as you challenge yourself to be really clear in your requests.

When you sign-up today, not only will you get this class series for this ENROLLMENT SPECIAL of $149, but also these BONUSES:

  1. 30 Additional Days Group Support Calls (bi-monthly) - thru OCTOBER 2014
  2. ABCs of Conscious Relationships w/ Kids Tele-class MP3
  3. TWO recorded Q&A group support calls MP3
  4. Fostering Compassion in Kids Tele-Class MP3 w/ Hand in Hand Parenting Founder, Patty Wiplfer.

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Compassionate communication will allow you to create a quality of connection that gets everyone’s needs met through compassionate giving.

This class will provide you with a blueprint for calm, focused interactions where you will be able to observe what you see without adding your interpretations and judgments.

As you aim to connect your thoughts and feelings to the universal needs and values that lie within all of us - you will be able to translate from a language of criticism, blame, and shame into a language that consciously connects you to your humanity.

Learn to express yourself honestly without verbally (or non-verbally) attacking others (or yourself), and minimize the likelihood of defensive reactions from your kids.  I'll help you receive critical and angry messages without taking them personally, giving in, or risking your self-esteem so you can relate to your children in healthy, cooperative, respectful ways.

These skills can be used with your kids, family, friends, students, supervisors, co-workers and clients, as well as with your own internal dialogues.

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