Baby Horoscopes & Personality Traits

"Astrology? Mumbo jumbo... nonsense!"

Or is it?

Anyone who's had an Aries, Taurus or Cancer tot pass through their nursery may well-advise you to be more open to such unique information about your child. Baby horoscopes are often pretty accurate in terms of personality and they're fun to read!

So leave yourself open to the possibility of finding something of value in the descriptions.

While it's true that general newspaper horoscopes are not very accurate in their predictions, for parenting purposes, understanding baby horoscopes, through the sun, moon and rising signs which may include:

  • natural tendencies
  • likes and dislikes
  • strengths and weaknesses

is of great benefit because it contributes to better parenting by informing your choices with knowledge specific to your child's unique personality traits, strengths, needs and sensitivities. This enables you to become a more active, conscious participant in the parent-child relationship.

Understanding why your child acts the way he does just might unravel the mystery and give you insider information which leads to better parenting skills tailored just for you and your kid.

  • Gain insight into what makes your child tick.
  • Understand why your children are so different.

I want to preface this page with the knowledge that sun signs represent only the personality in natal chart interpretations and this accounts for just 1/3 of the whole person.

Other nuances in the skies on the day of one's birth are what make each person unique. Obviously nothing is absolute, some traits may be in total opposition to the child you see at home. I ask that you use these markers as just that - indicators, a guide.

The placements of the Moon and the Ascendant which is often called
rising sign are also important facets in natal chart readings.

Astrology is a complex science. Contradictions are the result of other afflicting positions in an individual's chart but the information may still be worth knowing. Therefore, don't throw the baby horoscope out with the bathwater. If something in the baby signs descriptions doesn't fit, discard but don't discredit.

A little bit of nature, a little bit of nurture.

Use this information as a tool to help you engage, understand and challenge your child.

Guide the development of their emotional intelligence with targeted information about their personality and you will significantly alter your child's ability to feel his or her own emotions, manage them, build relationships with others and achieve personal success.

Ultimately it is a combination of factors that form a person. Significant exposure to hostility, stress, or an overly negative environment may create severe personality, emotional and/or behavioral issues in even the sunniest of star signs.

Therefore it is imperative to become aware of your actions toward your children and not just your intentions, as they have a great effect on the person your baby grows up to be.

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