Baby Horoscopes - Taurus Child

"Why are you clenching your little fits and holding your arms so stiff? Let go, like a good little baby. Please, let go ...please!"

Compiled and adapted from Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

If you have a Taurus infant, no doubt those hands are still clenched and that mouth still glued shut despite your gentle attempts to spoon the yogurt through his tightly pursed lips.

No use in forcing their chubby little bodies into doing or wearing anything they don't want to do or wear. You're fighting an uphill battle. These youngsters can wear out even the most concentrated adult. And should you try to force them, they will let out a wail that will have you think twice next time.

WARNING: To avoid being worn out by your Taurus child - do not push him. Aside from being just plain stubborn, your Taurus tot will be a delight to raise. Taurus babies will sit contentedly in their bouncy seats, wide awake and quiet as a mouse. Mom might be a bit worse for the wear but nothing strengthens a parent's inner resolve like a Taurus child.

Taurus kids are well-behaved and will be affable with company. Unless of course you demand, humiliate, tease or pressure your Taurus unnecessarily. Otherwise they are fairly mature for their ages.

They love bedtime stories and they're cuddly and loving. Like their astrological neighbor Aries, they'll squeeze the breath out of you with one of their bear hugs and they need that affection returned often.

There may be lots of little struggles over bath-time, bedtime, what to wear and eat or when to play but if you can pick and choose your battles, you'll both be happier in the long run. Avoid power-struggles with your Taurus toddler - they'll outlast you every time.

These kids are normally the most emotionally balanced of all the signs. They are not inclined towards bouts of depression, tantrums or showy attitudes.

However, they react strongly to colors and noise. Discordant sights, sounds and smells will affect their emotional stability. So use soft colors in a Taurus baby's bedroom and fill the house with music and calm, soothing sounds like wind chimes.

The blaze of Taurus temper may rear its ugly head now and again. But remember, they don't respond well to excessive pressure or authoritarian parenting. In fact, this approach will only encourage belligerence.

Give them lots of transition time and warnings. Schedules work well. Taurus kids like to know what's going to happen next. Slow and predictable are the key words here.

Pushing these children is dangerous to the development of their emotional health and personality. They can grow into silent, moody, cruel adults if yelled at or handled harshly. The answer to all your Taurus child anguish is love, not force.

Both boys and girls will be healthy, strong and athletically inclined. They will be hearty eaters and look for a cow-lick or curls atop the head of a Taurus babe.

Rough and tumble type kids, their bodies are strong and sturdy. They'll wear out shoes quickly and be rough with your furniture.

The girls will usually be all-female, playing with their dolls and tending to the house. If you have a tomboy, she'll be outside climbing trees or playing ball with the neighborhood boys.

But she'll still be a Daddy's girl and do her fair share of flirting to get what she wants. The boys are endearingly sweet with Mom but can be little terrors so be sure to guide their energy into creative outlets.

Taurus children tend to be slightly more competitive than other kids but it is not out of a need to show-off. These kids are surprisingly even-tempered (when you don't push them) and their dispositions are usually calm and pleasant and they can sometimes be timid. They are not easily panicked or disturbed and usually quite predictable.

His common sense, good judgment and sense of fair play make the Taurus child a natural choice among peers and teachers for leadership roles.

Bad moments come with their stubbornness but overall these kids are well-behaved and very responsible. They won't steal dad's car or skip their curfew.

Be gentle to them with regards to their grades/studies. Your Taurus teen may not be the whiz kid but he'll prepare carefully and usually do well in school. The Taurus mind absorbs slowly and it is best to remember to work with that fact.

Unless there is an afflicting planet, they are industrious with excellent powers of concentration and learn their lessons methodically. They might also occasionally insult a teacher who gets his facts wrong.

But don't ask him to apologize, especially if he's technically right or you'll be waiting a long time.

You should introduce a musical instruments or voice lessons early. Most have low melodious voices and often, considerable musical talent. But please don't ask them to perform in the living room for company.

They are especially creative and should be given lots of opportunities to draw and paint and color as a way of expression.

Use lots of loving affection with your Taurus child. They can resist strict discipline and harsh words longer than they can a loving squeeze.

They respond to common sense and practical requests. If it sounds reasonable, your Taurus tot is more likely to go along. "Because I said so." does not work with these children.


  • stubborn with a capital S-T-U-B-B-O-R-N
  • loving
  • flirty
  • daddy's little girl and momma's boy
  • sweet
  • charming
  • well-behaved
  • shy (they don't want or expect to be the center of attention)
  • artistic and musical


  • strong and athletic
  • competent
  • emotionally stable
  • negative/stubborn
  • normally calm and pleasant
  • predictable
  • mature/use common sense/good judgment
  • reasonable and practical
  • sensual
  • studious

Parenting tips to best handle your Taurus tot or teen.

  • never tease
  • use love not force
  • work with his natural rhythm
  • create a loving, cozy home
  • fill his eyes and ears with beauty

These children display a maturity beyond their years and can resist discipline and orders until after the sun sets and rises again but their single-mindedness is no match for a big bear hug or a friendly kiss. Use kind logic and appeal to their sense of responsibility.

Fill your home with cozy comforts, a full refrigerator and pleasing sounds. Let your little bull graze at his own pace and you'll enjoy a smooth, cheerful and quite predictable journey through childhood.

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