Baby  Horoscopes - Scorpio Child

"He looks so much more 'finished' than the other babies in the nursery..."

Compiled and adapted from Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Scorpio babes are strange, enchanted little beings with possibly important destinies. They have piercing eyes, charming personalities and strong bodies with equally strong wills. Even the tiniest of November tots will surprise you with his strength and ability to withstand pain.

They have tons of energy and will need lots of opportunity to channel it. Even if your Scorpio toddler seems calm and relaxed, you can be sure it's bottling up, so better do something physical to help him get it all out.

Scorpio is the sign of extremes and these children have the strong emotions to match. A Scorpio toddler will glare at you fiercely should you attempt to thwart his plans or forbid him to doing something. And it follows that he will need constant, firm (but always gentle) discipline.

Scorpio children enjoy a good fight and have the full intention of winning at whatever they do, so teach them early about compromise and how to be a good sport. Compromise is not one of their gifts and even if they pretend to give in, they are often just waiting to gain back their advantage.

You might need to steer them away from vindictiveness or an ill-tempered playmate will be sorry one day. They have intense feelings and a natural urge to act as intensely.

Teach them about right and wrong. It won't be easy for them to see or understand your logic but it is imperative that you're consistent. Scorpio kids are wise beyond their years, intuitive (they give hugs at just the right moment) and can sense weakness. They have a rare courage, fierce loyalty to family and friends and can be extremely hard on anyone not in their chosen circle.

Teach them about forgiveness and about being considerate of others, especially those weaker than them. Modeling this behavior is always a better parenting choice than demanding or insisting.

With brilliant minds and magnetic personalities, they can suffer from inflated egos that can harm more than help. Avoid raising a revengeful, hurting Scorpio by doling out generous helpings of love and affection.

They will hide their own thoughts and feelings but be determined to ferret out yours so don't bother hiding. They can also pick up on your stress.

Scorpio kids are regular little detectives and they'll be great at finding lost car keys and misplaced shoes. They love mysteries, magic, intrigue, sci-fi, ghost-stories and anything supernatural.

Chemistry sets, magic tricks and microscopes are good gifts for a Scorpio child. They're steady honor roll material but whether they defer to playing hooky or not will be up to your guidance and careful attention.

They need to be surrounded by good influences and passionate teachers in order to satisfy their intense curiosity and to keep them interested in school. They appear to scorn approval but they secretly hope for it and depend on your constant support. You can be sure this will lead your Scorpio child to be the best in his chosen field.

Encourage his dreams of bring an astronaut or even President. Scorpio knows what he wants. Never force a career on a Scorpio child. It is the surest way to send him down a dark and experimental path.

They may have a strong attraction to drugs and fire, so early intervention and drug education is crucial, especially for an emotionally unstable Scorpio.

Scorpio boys and girls are especially fond of the opposite sex and romances will start early so teach them about affairs of the heart and maybe adolescence won't be so tragic. Scorpio deeply respects the family and if you teach him that careless behavior can destroy that, he will listen.

Nothing can outlast the Scorpio determination, so help him find a worthy goal to direct his passions and teach him early on that you know best.

There may be many struggles and tests of will but your Scorpio child will respect you in the long run for your strength when you stand your ground. This will also teach him the proper way to handle responsibility and leadership. Babies/Toddlers

  • magical
  • strong
  • precocious
  • charming
  • hypnotic gazes
  • strong-willed
  • energetic
  • loving
  • intuitive


  • volatile
  • loyal
  • self-sufficient
  • determined
  • sexual
  • blunt
  • sarcastic
  • honest
  • private

Parenting tips to best handle your Scorpio tot or teen.

  • never break your word or promise
  • use constant, gentle but firm discipline
  • teach him to manage his boiling emotions
  • avoid thoughtless scolding and permissive humoring
  • support his dreams

Protect your Scorpio's mental and physical health by avoiding arguments at bedtime, edginess and family squabbles at the dinner table. All can lead to a bitter, withdrawn little lizard beset by fears and phobias. Your Scorpio child needs one thing most: A daily example of how to love and be loved in return.

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