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Baby Horoscopes - Sagittarius Child

"There you were, waving your heart at me..."

Compiled and adapted from Linda Goodman's Sun Signs 

The sunny nature of  Sagittarius child seeks out comradeship at an early age. They're open hearted and desperately need to be liked for all they are. If you ignore these children, you will break their hearts.  You would do well to wear your baby and do a lot of snuggling. In fact, leave them alone as little as possible in the early months. They'll sleep much sounder next to your heart or at least inside a bassinet that is perched right by your side while you're making dinner. The familiar sounds of mama and papa will lull your Sag baby to sleep faster than any musical lullaby box. Sagittarius may grow up to be somewhat more removed from family but they need the security of home to grow into their independence.

Denying a Sagittarius babe close human contact can cause them to withdraw and become somewhat sarcastic as adolescents. Many will choose to adopt a security substitute: a doll, a blanket, or a thumb will replace whatever they feel is missing but they'd much prefer you.

One thing about all Sagittarius kids - they never grow up! They are informal as kids and never outgrow it. Boys are happy go lucky little adventurers, sure to find a pond or a forest to wander through. Barefoot, whistling and waving to everyone along the way. Girls may go through a tomboy stage but resist the urge to tell your Sag tween to "act like a lady."

If these kids are anything it's: Brutally honest! Your authority is not above the Sagittarius frank curious investigation. If your demands are unreasonable, they will not submit and become docile, sweet obedient little creatures no matter how loud you scream. If your request is backed by logic and facts, he'll smile and give into your every whim (well, almost!). But wave your parental authority finger at him and he'll furiously shake his defiance and obstinate finger right back at you. "Because I said so," does not work with these kids.

Sagittarius children demand respect and they'll return it if you play by your own rules. When you are right or need to make a point for their safety, you'll need to make it obvious and give a good solid reason.  It's always a good idea to admit your mistakes. It teaches responsibility and reminds children that no one is expected to be perfect. If you do something stupid, these are the kids that will pat you on the back and say it's okay and the added benefit is you'll be teaching them to admit their own wrongs.

Know that you can trust this child. And as long as they live up to their end of the bargain, they won't stand for rigid curfews or unjustified punishment. Make sure your rules are based on concern for his  safety and not social mores. The same goes for judging his friends. Make sure you use no other measure than true value. Your Sagittarius teen will not appreciate narrow-mindedness nor prejudice.

A Sagittarius is usually a fine student with a mufti-faceted intelligence and enjoys learning.  don't cheat as long as they are trusted not to, otherwise they may think it doesn't matter. The more progressive the education, the better. Dull, boring routine lectures and school schedules are sure to dampen the spark of learning in a Sagittarius child. They can't sit still for long so hands-on activities will make them happy, enliven their already fanciful imaginations and keep their internal motivation intact. Severe, intolerant or unimaginative teachers or a boring curriculum are sure to make your Sag run for the nearest GED door or choose the workforce over college.

Romances may bloom early. Boys will need extra tutoring on life matters. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Restless teenagers, girls may not be serious in their love affairs. Both sexes will love to spend money. Teach them about the economy and saving and abundance. Better to let them learn the value of their dollar by not subsidizing their allowance after they've spent it all.

They have a deeply spiritual or religious side and may show interest in missions of faith or service positions such as the Peace Corps, that will take them to faraway places. Their beliefs may change as they age. They are eternally searching for their own truth, so their faith may change as their knowledge and experience influences their lives. Teach them early having a cause or area of special interest. Supporting a cause is necessary for a Sagittarius , they'll develop a world responsibility and learn to put their idealism to work.



Parenting tips to best handle your Saggitarius tot or teen.

Best way to raise your Sagittarius child is with love and tolerance and respect for all. Support his dreams, have faith in his character and he'll return home to share his adventures with you.

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