Baby  Horoscopes - Cancer Child

"He used to offer fifty cents at the end of each month to the friend who treated him the nicest."

Compiled and adapted from Linda Goodman's Sun Signs

Your Cancer child will change his moods as often as you change his diaper. These humorous little boys and girls have funny little faces and expressive eyes.

But don't let that faraway look fool you. The Cancer baby is recording into his indelible memory every face, noise and song you sing to him and he will remember it in exact detail 40 years from now.

The early home environment has the strongest influence on those born under a Sun in Cancer. Little (and big) crabs are extremely dependent on the reactions of their parents, siblings and others close to them. Therefore extra-special care must be taken when rearing a Cancer babe.

Emotional rejection and harsh treatment can crush these young souls. They can get upset and weepy if ignored. Give your Cancer toddler lots of sympathetic hugs and moments of close emotional bonding. Extended breastfeeding is beneficial for soothing a Cancer infant/toddler.

The early years tend to be easier to manage. Cancer children are fun to play with. They are happy to be cuddled, adored, tended to and approved of. They can play for hours by themselves or with an imaginary friend named Bill.

They may feel lonely at times, be afraid to sleep without a night-light or take longer than other kids to go to bed on their own. Cancer children have a myriad of fears and it's your job to calm them. Loud noises, thunder, lightning, fast cars, large animals, new foods, strangers...

If emotional empathy is withheld (especially in an effort to toughen-up your child, you could warp his gentle nature and compassion for people, leading him to seek solitude later in life even to the point of reclusiveness.

This can affect his ability to form close friendships or love relationships, leaving him unable to express emotions and without the ability to give or receive love easily.

So extreme is this emotional sensitivity that a negative home environment can manifest as silent brooding, bitterness and self-pity. The extra pampering may seem extreme but it is truly necessary. It may be a bit of a shock when your Cancerian hits the real world and is smacked with the realization that no one loved him like Mama but a Cancer protected in infancy can thrive in adulthood.

Despite their emotional neediness, they show a great deal of independent thinking and individualism. Cancer is the cardinal sun sign of leadership and children of this sign are not followers. Your Cancer child may have gentle manners and sensitive emotions but he is not a push-over.

Rainy days may bring on the blues so encourage your Cancerian to seek creative outlets such as painting or poetry as they have luminous imaginations and vivid, colorful emotions. Watch his face change with his feelings. It will contort with each new emotion.

Want to know a Cancer child's mood? Just look at his face.

Adolescence with a Cancer teen under the roof may be unsettling. They can take on the rebel without a cause attitude and be stubborn about their studies though they'll be whizzes in history due to an uncanny ability to remember dates and events. Your Cancer teen may keep romances or break-ups inside, preferring to keep silent about his heartache.

Cancer children have a fine artistic ability and many become distinguished artists, photographers or grace the stage and screen with their creative talents. Your Cancer child will most certainly run up the family food bill and he will also be keenly aware of family troubles, illnesses or financial emergencies.

They also love to tell jokes, have contagious laughs and see the humor in every facet of life. They may exaggerate a bit, daydream too much or be silently stubborn but none becomes so pronounced to be truly troublesome.

Cancer children often can't wait to work for pay, do odd jobs and they may even supply their own spending money much earlier than other signs. And you can be sure that every penny will be accounted for and saved.

They may be attracted to the business world or be happy to be homemakers, tending to their own children one day. Give him a plot of eart to call his own and watch him tend to it lovingly. Cancer has the ability to create massive financial success if he wants but his real abundance will always be found at home.


  • moody
  • shy
  • creative
  • stubborn
  • shy
  • docile
  • quiet
  • busy minds
  • loveable
  • strong memory


  • stubborn
  • sensitive
  • leaders
  • talented
  • artistic and musical
  • daydreamers
  • vivid imaginations
  • thrifty/savers
  • moody
  • prone to depression

Parenting tips to best handle your Cancer tot or teen.

  • never tease
  • use lots of physical affection
  • teach him to nurture the earth
  • calm his fears
  • laugh and cry with him

It's finding that delicate balance between overly firm and overly permissive that will work best with a Cancer child. As the most sensitive of the sun signs, if they are mistreated, teased or handled with a harsh tongue they may grow into suspicious, revengeful and sometimes suicidal adults. Be kind, remember love and skip the teasing and nicknames if only to protect these sensitive souls from real and imagined slights, hurts and rejection.

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